Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ice Cream/Pie Contest Ward Activity

For several years now our ward has had water games and ice cream making contest family activity. This year they added a few new things like horseback riding, bike parade and pie contest. We were going to enter our version of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, but our ice cream maker needed to be frozen longer. (We only make our ice cream with the Kitchen Aid ice cream bowl and we love it)
This was our first activity since our trips. It seemed like so long ago that we have been in our ward. It was fun to visit with friends, play, and eat some homemade pie and ice cream. The girls decorated their bikes and had fun riding them in the parade. They rode horses that Brother Love provided for the all primary kids to ride. The girls also enjoyed the slip and slide, water balloon toss, water balloon fight, and just running through the water. It was a great activity.

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