Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pioneer Days

Today is Pioneer Day and a celebration day for Sanford, Colorado. They start the festivities at 7am with a pancake breakfast. 10am is the pioneer day parade that anyone can be a part of. They start at one end of main street and end at the other end of main street. They actually turn around and come back. As the participants go by they throw candy, lots and lots of candy. They even throw otter pops(yummy). The floats were really good and the parade was fun. The missionary float was our favorite. I yelled out to them to throw pass along cards out. They tried to throw one to me. It didn't go that far. After the parade they have a BBQ lunch at the church and at 1pm is the start of the games and races.

We had a family BBQ instead and headed to the kids games first. They have a three-legged race, wheelbarrow race, water games, egg toss, and water-balloon toss. After the kids play those games they have the races. They start with the youngsters, separated by gender, run a short distance and they keep upping the age. They Autumn ran in the 3-4 year old girls and came in 3rd because she stopped to grab the red tape. Ashlyn ran in the 8-9 year old girls and finished some where in the middle. I could not get Noah to race and I was not about to run against the 20-35 age range girls. Those young girls would beat me. My dad was the only adult to brave the races. He ran in the 35 & up men. He did really great considering he is 50+ now and a long distance runner. We all had a great time.Our girls went back to my grandparents house with family while Noah and I went to the Sanford Museum. This small 4 room building is packed with the towns history. I was able to find all my family members senior class pictures on the wall and learn more about how Sanford was established. The greatest find was the small Spanish history section where I was able to read and see pictures of my family. Noah and I enjoyed the quiet time by ourselves.

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The Goodwin's said...

I am so bummed that I missed you. It looks like you had a lot of fun in Colorado. I bet, however, you are glad you are home.