Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Days Continues

In this part of Colorado there is another small town besides Sanford that has a two day pioneer celebration and that is the neighboring town of Manassa. Manassa is a little bigger than Sanford(and I mean a little bigger). The two days are filled with a Parade(same one done twice), burger stand, carnival rides, carnival food, live bands, and rodeo. We took this day to enjoy all the fun. We started at 10am by watching a parade similar to Sanford's, but a little longer and some spectacular floats. Then we walked to the the carnival ride area so the girls could ride a few rides. They had a great time and could have stayed here all day. We then walked over to the burger stand(with the missionaries helping take orders and flipping burgers) to grab some lunch. We visited with friends and family from the area. Around 3pm we bought cotton candy for the girls and carmel apples for us. We soon decided to head back to my grandparents and let the girls rest.

That evening we took my brother Aaron to eat at Chili's in Alamosa. Then went to Wal-Mart to do a little back to school shopping for Ashlyn and Autumn(they start school on Monday). Ashlyn choose a Hannah Montana book bag and Autumn decided on a Disney Princess backpack. Both girls picked out Hannah Montana t-shirts to wear on their first day of school.

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