Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Maui Day 8 and 9

Tuesday July 8th was a pretty kick back day. We decided it was time to do some laundry and so Anissa and my mom went down to the laundry mat that the condo provides for its residents while I sat and watched my three girls and my nephew Logan(my sister and brother in-law went on a snorkel trip for part of the day). When they were done with the washing and the kids had full bellies we made our trek down to the swimming pool. We had a great playing in the pool and enjoying the sunny Maui day. In the evening we watched another beautiful sunset and did a little shopping in Lahaina. Wednesday July 9th we awoke to Ashlyn crying about how bad her ears were hurting. After a great pancake and eggs breakfast I decided to call the local Kaiser in Lahaina and set up an appointment for Ashlyn and find out why her ears were hurting so bad(I had my suspicions). With my sister Rachel, brother-in-law Kurt and Logan leaving we attempted to take some family pictures on the beach and then said our goodbyes to them. Their fun time in Maui was coming to a close. At the doctors Anissa kept the two little girls busy while I took Ashlyn in to see the doctor. It was confirmed that she had an ear infection in her right ear and water behind her ear drum in her left ear. He gave me a prescription for both and hopefully she will start to feel better. Since we were in Lahaina we took advantage of our time there and walked around the Hale Kahiko. It is replica of a Hawaiian village. It was neat to see how they lived and what they lived in. We then walked over to the Glow Putt Miniature Golf. We had a great time playing. Anissa and I both scored a 40 and my mom beat me by 1 making her the winner with a score of 39. We celebrated with ice cream from Coldstone Creamery. We drove back to the condo to let the girls rest. Later in the evening we went for a sunset walk and then a swim in the pool.

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