Friday, July 11, 2008

Maui Day 10 and 11

After being here over a week now and having come to Maui before we have pretty much done all the main touristy things to do. So this next week has been going to places that we have never seen or done before and doing our favorites over again. Thursday July 10th we decided to take it easy with Ashlyn still feeling pretty rotten, so we drove Upcountry. Upcountry is the area of towns that are located 2,000 to 4,000 feet up the slope of Haleakala. We drove to Kula and drove on Waipoli Rd. to Ali'i Kula Lavender Garden. They have lavender everything, pillows, jellies, scones, chocolate, perfumes, mists, lotions,bubble bath, sunscreen,and many other items. After a small walk through their gardens we drove back into town. Next we wandered around Kula to find the oldest LDS church building still standing in Hawaii built in 1850. After driving circles around town for 45 min. or so, we were about to give up, when we saw the top of the church. We were able to walk the grounds and go in the small one room church building. It was pretty amazing to see the old pictures, old hymn books and old wooden benches. We then drove through Makawao to Pa'ia over to Ho'okipa Beach Park to see if there were any wind surfers. We didn't see to many people even in the water, but we walked the beach and were able to look at the tide pools. We even had a little fish come out of the water to play with us. A little Manini Convict Tang came flying out of the ocean waves landing on the sandy beach. We held him and put him back in the ocean. When we got back to the condo we ate dinner and went for a nice evening swim. Friday July 11th we headed to downtown Lahaina for a walking tour. You start on Front Steet at the Baldwin Home and pick up a walking tour map. Then you can do a small walking loop or a bigger one. We started at the small loop. It was pretty cool we saw the old courthouse, old jail, the oldest Bayan Tree in Hawaii., fort ruins, oldest inn, and old palace ruins. We were all hot and tired after the small loop and so we decided to head over to baby beach again to play. After about 3 hours of fun in the sun we came back to the condo, cleaned ourselves up, and ate dinner quickly so we could go to the Warf Cinnema Ceneter to watch Wall-E. It was a fun show and the girls enjoyed it.

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