Monday, April 7, 2008

Relieved, Excited, and Grateful

We heard through family members, and friends that if you bought airline tickets with the companies that have gone bankrupt, the credit card companies are crediting accounts. So I called this evening to find out why my credit card company gave me the run around and has such a long process for getting back our money.

When I spoke to someone from our credit card company she saw that there was a credit to our account for the full amount that we were charged. YEAH!!! What a relief followed by excitement and gratitude. We double checked by looking at our account online and did in fact see the full amount credited back to us. What does that mean for us now? A search for flights. Maui here we come!


Rachel Keyser said...

AWESOME! I need to check on mine! Kurt is pretty determined to go let me know what you find.

The Patricks said...

What a relief! Bill and I were feeling so bad for people when we saw that on the news! That is great that the c.c. companies are being so accommodating! Yeah for you guys!