Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chores are getting done

Everyday we heard whining and complaining from our girls about doing their chores and day after day we pushed and struggled to get them to do their chores. Just getting ready on time for school or church became a big deal. Nothing seemed to work and then we found childrensmiriclemusic.
My friend told me about the music CD's (there is a morning CD and and evening CD)she was using for her kids, that told the children what specific things to do like make bed, brush teeth, etc... all with a time limit set to music. This works because they get points for accomplishing their tasks and the points earn them a "Private Date" with either mom or dad when the "Goal" of 100 points(for us its 300points) is individually reached on the "Points Chart".
I was excited to start this program and get my house and kids in order again. Noah was a little sceptical, but it Worked! I am Happy to say that my girls are getting ready on time and getting all their chores done. We have been playing the CD's for a month now and they still love it. They earned a big date with Noah and I to go see Disney Princess on Ice. We wanted to make their 1st date extra special and let them know we are Proud of them and all their hard work.

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