Friday, February 29, 2008

We love Sing Star

You may have heard of or may even be addicted to guitar hero or rock band, but our family is all about Sing Star. When Ashlyn had her birthday party in February we bought her High School Musical Sing It. The girls loved singing karaoke to both High school musical movies. Noah and I enjoyed it too and decided to get the Sing Star 80's. We loved it and for Valentines day bought the Sing Star Pop which we also really enjoy. The best part about it is that our girls like both the Sing Stars we bought and want to sing them all the time. It is so much fun to sing with them and watch them sing. Their favorite Sing Star is the 80's and they know most of the words to the songs now(even Aubrey tries to sing) . Their favorites are Men at Work's "Who can it be now"(Aubrey walks around the house singing"beeee nowww") , Twisted Sister's "We're not going to take it", Madonna's "Material Girl" and "Our House" by Madness. We love spending time together singing, laughing, and just having fun.We posted a video of the girls singing. Enjoy!

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M said...

That looks like so much fun, we are addicted to Rockband. I need to post my pics of the kids trying to play, the baby tried to play the drums and even does the foot pedal. Your family is so cute.