Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ashlyn's 7th Birthday

Our little girl turned seven years old. I can't believe that our Ashlyn is that old. Time just seems to fly. Her Birthday was spent at school with cupcakes and juice for all her classmates. When She got home her Aunt Rachel, Cousin Logan, and Uncle Kurt were there waiting for her arrival. Shortly after that her Grandma Smith and Cousin Kylee came over to spend a fun filled Birthday weekend with her. She received calls from her Grandma and Grandpa Martinez, her Aunts Tiffany, Amber, Becky and Uncle Aaron.
For several weeks now she has known exactly where she wanted to go eat for her Birthday dinner. Jaliscos Mexican Restaurant was a very good choice and she loved when they came out to sing "Happy Birthday". When we got home she opened up her gifts (loving them) and of course no Birthday wouldn't be complete without candles, singing, and cake. Yummy!

Saturday we had her High School Musical Birthday party. For those of you reading this that have no idea what High School Musical even is, it is one of the coolest things to a 7 year old girl. We sang High School Musical Karaoke, painted nails, made crafts and you guessed it, enjoyed the best part of a Birthday Party the birthday presents, microphone cupcakes, and ice cream. Ashlyn had a wonderful 7th Birthday and life wouldn't be the same with out her.

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Rachel Keyser said...

You did a good job on the microphones! They look great!