Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Women's Conference

I have been planning on going to BYU Women's Conference for the past few months now. I was so excited to go. I hitched a ride with Noah's mom, aunt Nancy, and sister Becky. Our time together was a great. We started it off Wednesday with a lovely spring storm with lots and lots of snow. It required us to put on chains as we went over Donner. We could only go about 20 miles. It delayed us a few hours and in Reno it stopped. We stopped at Cabela's for some yummy snacks. Once in Utah it started up again. We did enjoy an amazing sunset. We had off and on snow, sleet and rain almost the whole time we were in Utah. It was still beautiful and good thing we spent our days inside listening to the different speakers.Both Thursday and Friday we started our day gathered together with a full Marriott Center. Being able to listen to the Relief Society General President Julie B Beck on Thursday along with her 1st Counselor Silvia H. Allred and 2nd Counselor Barbara Thompson on Friday morning, was a really treat. Each day they have a closing speaker the 1st day we skipped out and opted to eat on campus at a Hawaiian BBQ place. We did however make it to the evening entertainment which included Hilary Weeks, The Fab Five who were on Americas Got Talent, Mercy River, Miceal Mc CleanDallyn Bayles, and Alex Boye. Elder and Sister Oaks gave their closing remarks on Friday evening. Both days were filled with 3 different classes Then went to check out the service activities. There was so much to do and so much to enjoy we had to take it slow. On Friday night I spent time with my cousin, his wife and adorable son and my sisters. Amber and I went to Sammy's where I tried their chocolate peanut butter cupcake . It was yummy! Saturday was sister day. We spent the day shopping at the BYU bookstore, craft stores,
lunch at Los Hemanos, mall shopping, and dinner at Chilli's compliments from my sister Tiffany.Sunday I meet up with Noah's family to start the long journey home. We stayed in Winnamucca, Nevada for the night and had a great time eating dinner together. We ate at this Basque restaurant called The Martin Hotel where they serve you family style.

They served us salad and beans you place on top of the salad. Next came corn, mashed potatoes, warm cows tongue, and our chicken fried steak. I at all my cows tongue. It was actually very tender and tasted good. I wish they would have cut it up the look of it made me realize what I was eating every time I looked down at it. We also enjoyed Aunt Nancy playing slots at Grandmas House. In Reno we stopped at Scheels. This sports/outdoor store is like a mall and mini amusement park all rolled into one. We spent a long time shopping and looking at everything. Once home I got in my car and headed home. It was a fast and fun trip, but I sure missed my husband and girls while I was gone and it left good to be home.

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