Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ashlyn's Piacaso Day

For the past few days Ashlyn's class has been studying all about Picasso. In honor of Picasso Ashlyn's teacher asked each child to come up with their own style of clothing to wear today. Ashlyn had a hard time trying to decide on what to wear. She finally decided on an outfit that was inspired by the book Princess Party by Joy Allen(who is a really good family friend of ours). It has a character dressed just like what Ashlyn wanted to wear. We all think she did a great job dressing up like that character. Her teacher said she was the most creative one dressed. We told her teacher it was all thanks to the Princess Party book and its great illustrator. I added a picture of all the characters from the book Princess Party. Can you find the Character Ashlyn tried to imitate? (they have these printed on fabric, are making these into ornaments and she is going to be writing a Boy Book too)

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