Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our 11th Anniversary

Today, exactly 11 years ago, Noah and I were married. It seems like just yesterday we met at BYU and we were hanging out together. Nothing has changed we still love to hang out with each other and do fun things together. This year Noah and I decided to stay close to home and do an afternoon/evening date. We started our date by heading to San Fransisco. We bought tickets to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum located at the Presidio. We heard this was a really neat museum that takes time to go see. We also heard that little kids would probably get bored with the museum. We wanted to go and check it out by ourselves first. We agree that kids will get bored and want to zoom through it. The museum is a history of Walt Disney where he was born and grew up, what he did as a young man that shaped him into the kind of man he would became, how he came up with Mickey Mouse and other characters, and later his idea for not only Disneyland, but other ideas. We arrived at 3pm and it closes at 6pm there are 10 galleries and by 5:30 we had only made it to the 3rd gallery. We had to hustle through the last 7 which was a bummer because, that's when it got into how he came up with his full length animation films. Many of the characters and story lines not only came from fairy tales or stories he was told to as a child, but his own family life had influenced stories and characters. In gallery 8 there was a scale model of Disneyland as Walt Disney had envisioned it to be. We could have spent an hour just looking at that. We enjoyed and missed so much at the end that we decided we need to go back again. It was nice to read, watch video, and see how Walt Disney grew up and how at age 19 started his business to elevate animation to an art form. We highly recommend this museum to others.
After that we headed into San Francisco. Noah made reservations at Mamacita. We read a few reviews online and it sounded yummy. It was really busy and not a lot of parking was available, especially for Noah's big truck. He dropped me off and parked in a parking garage. Mamacitas was a cute little restaurant, with not a ton of room inside, but nice atmosphere. The price was not real cheap, but not that expensive either. It was not your typical Mexican dinner with huge amounts of food served with beans, rice, chips, and salsa. Noah and I had to buy the guacamole, salsa, and chips. We ordered open faced asada tacos and asada enchiladas(no beans and rice). It was just the right amount of food and really really good. The steak was so tender it melted in your mouth and the food had so much flavor. Noah and highly recommend this place as well. We will have to go back again soon. After dinner we headed home. What a wonderful time we had together. It has been such an amazing 11 years.

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Kathryn said...

i love both of those pictures of you guys! what a cute couple :)