Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Best Birthday Ever!

With the alarm set for 6:30 we dressed quickly and hustled down to breakfast. By 8:30 we had parked, walked to the Disney entrance, bought tickets (my free ticket + Disney money + free ticket a friend hadn't used that she gave us=$99), and checked our dog into the kennel. We had entered Disneyland and began to map out our day. Around 9am or so as when were getting off the Matterhorn Noah told me to look up. I saw my mom, Amber, and Aaron coming towards me. I was so surprised. They came to spend the day with me at Disneyland. We ran from ride to ride trying to get as much done by the noon hour.

Around 11am as we were getting off Space Mountain I saw Noah's mom, aunt Nancy , and uncle Craig they too had come to spend the day with us. As the day went on the crowds increased and our party broke off into groups. Our group ate lunch and rode a few rides but was not in a big hurry. We took the Disneyland train and enjoyed all the sites and sounds of Disneyland.We all met up again for the Haunted Mansion ride, dividing into small groups again.
At dinner time we met up at for a yummy BBQ. They not only serve you delicious food, but have entertainment too. I was asked to come up on stage with a few other Birthday kids and were sung too. We also rang the dinner bell. It was a lot of fun. As night came upon us we made our plans around the parade and rode our last ride small world. What a magical Birthday. Not only did Noah pull the wool over my eyes, but all my family and friends did too, because they all knew about it. I loved spending my birthday with family because it made it even better. This was by far one of the best Birthdays I have had. Thank You Noah and to all my family that came and made my day!

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michelle said...

Hey Anissa~ Happy Celebrations! It's good to catch up on your blog. Your kids are so darned cute.