Thursday, November 26, 2009


On this Thanksgiving Day our families hearts are filled with Gratitude. We are Grateful for so much, here is our top 10 things we are Thankful for this year.

1. Each other. We are Best Friends and appreciate one another so much!

2. Our 3 little girls. Life wouldn't be the same with out them. They make us laugh, cry(in a good way), and feel whole.

3. For our Parents. Both sets of parents helped us become the people we are today and we are grateful for their examples and guidance through the years and even now.

4. Both Sides of the Family. Thank You All for your love and kindness you give our family.

5. The Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. It is what keeps us grounded and happy.

6. An Great Job. Noah has been blessed to have an office that is doing very well this year.

7. Good Friends. We have great friends that have helped us in need and truly bless our lives.

8. A Beautiful Home. Having a brand new home with everything working has been such a blessing.

9. Our Health. This year our family has been really healthy a few colds or flu bugs, but nothing to crazy.

10. The USA. We are grateful that we live in such an amazing country with the freedoms that we have.

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