Friday, November 27, 2009

Birthday Dinners

This evening Noah's whole family got together at the church to celebrate Aubrey's , Tristan's,and Art's Birthdays. Art's family was able to join us for the party too. The little girls did nails and make-up, the big girls hide from all of us behind the stage, the boys and later the little girls ran around the gym to play and once the PlayStation Rockband got hooked up we all had a blast playing it, even the big kids. After playing and eating dinner it was present and cake time. Aubrey got Tinker Bell P.J.s, Yo Gabba Gabba puzzle, Dora stamps, 2 long sleeve shirts, Tinker Bell pillow book, Tinker Bell barbie, tinker bell coloring book, some books, jeans, and a new princess bike.We had 3 cakes and 3 cupcakes for the 3 birthday kids. Aubrey turns 3 tomorrow, Tristan 13 in a few weeks, and Art had a birthday already and you gotta guess his age. Aubrey loved her cupcake and got a little slice of each cake. She loves cake and her the party. It was fun to celebrate it with family.

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