Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Seeing all the Beautiful Beches

On our last full day of camping all the girls wanted to do was go swimming and play at glass beach. We let them go swimming, but let them know we would go explore other beaches today. I am not sure how my girls and Noah even got near that cold swimming pool, but they did. It was only a high of 49 outside when they were trying to swim. The pool said it was heated, but it was not HOT. They stayed in for about 15 min. and that was that. After our swim we headed to Manchester Beach to fly kites and play in the sand, To our dismay there was no wind. There is always wind a Manchester Beach. Lots and lots of wind, but not today, just lots ans lots of sunshine. Which was fine with me. We still had a blast playing int the sand. After some lunch we drove along the coast in search new beaches we have never gone to before. We came to Greenwood State Beach and hiked down to the ocean. It was breathtakingly beautiful there. We had this beach all to ourselves for a couple of hours and enjoyed exploring it. What a great day!

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