Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Annual Apple Hill Trip

For 8 years now we have been going up to Camino aka Apple Hill to visit all the different apple farms. This year our 1st stop was Apple Ridge Ranch (used to be Pluebells). We saw the farm animals, played on the swing, tractor, and took a few fall pictures. Our next stop was Larson Ranch for Apples. I bought a 40lb. box of apples, 4 bags of 3lb. apples and 3lb. of pears. The kids tasted various types of apples and helped me pick out which ones to buy. Our 3rd stop was lunch at Honey Bear Ranch where we always order the Apple Chicken Strudel with apple slaw, and a slice of apple pie. After lunch we let the kids feed the fish and took some more fall pictures. Our 4th and 5th stops were at High Hill for their variety of apple donuts and Ables Acres for the best apple fritters, and fudge. Sometimes we stop at other farms to check out what they have, but theses always seem to be our favorite ones. What a great way to spend a fall day.

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