Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parade

This morning was the annual Halloween Parade at the girls school. I was worried about where to go 1st since I have two kids at the same school and in different areas. I decided on being with Autumn most of the time and letting Aubrey walk with Autumn since Ashlyn is older. Aubrey even changed into her Tinker Bell costume to walk with Autumns class. We went by Ashlyn's classroom before the parade to take some pictures and see if she needed anything. The Kindergartners started it off and then the rest of the classes jump in at the end of the line. When Kindergartners make it all the way back to their rooms they sit and watch the rest of the school walk by. Ashlyn had a class party after the parade. Autumn had hers before the parade. Autumn had workshops with Halloween themed activities followed by a movie and pizza. I was able to help in the class a little and then take Autumn home a little early. It was fun hang out with Autumn until the parade started.

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