Sunday, October 4, 2009

Exploring Mendocino County Part 2

Our next stop was at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse built in 1909. This light house was built due to the increase of ships in the sea, because of the demand for redwood. This lighthouse served as a beacon to navigate through the dangerous waters. We took a 1/2 mile walk out to the light house. On our right as we walked there was a great big field and in the field we saw deer. The girls got a kick out of that. Then we took a walk through one of the light keepers houses. It was pretty neat to see how the families lived in the 1900s. The girls thought it was so cool.Then we walked into the lighthouse. We were unable to take a walk up to the tower because they only do that 4 times a year, but we were able to see how they have been celebrating the centennial year. Our last stop took us up to Fort Bragg where we went to glass beach. We had a lot of whining from the girls at this point. They were tired and walking to another beach did not sound fun, but once they saw glass beach they loved it. We had to pull them away from it. This beach used to be the dump. The towns people saw that it was polluting the ocean and stopped the dumping. Over the years the pounding waves have smoothed and polished the glass. They are like colored rocks. The girls loved looking through all the different colors of glass and collecting some too. The rock on the beach had metal, glass and all sorts of debris attached to it. It was pretty crazy to see how the all the garbage made a beautiful mess out of nature. On the way out of town we ate at Noyo Harbor. We stopped at this little restaurant at the end of the harbor called Heron's by the Sea. It was small inside and we were pretty much the only ones eating,but the food was excellent and we had an amazing view of the sunset. We stopped at Cowlicks for yummy handmade ice cream. What a fantastic day,

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