Saturday, August 1, 2009

Opening Games

In our area the soccer league has an opening day with parades, bounce houses, food, and different vendors selling various soccer type items. They have scrimmage games. Autumn had fun walking the field for her parade. They are the Blue Sharks and Noah is the assistant coach for her team.Ashlyn was too old I guess, because they didn't do one with her age group. Autumn had her game 1st followed by Ashlyn's game. Autumn did pretty good, but mostly played herd ball. Ashlyn's team is The Storm and Noah is their coach. Ashlyn's team was a little shocked at the level of play they encountered from the other team. Only 3 girls on her team have actually played before so, Noah has a lot of work ahead of him to get the girls at the same level of play. Thank goodness they did not keep score. Overall Ashlyn's team did pretty good considering it wasn't a "True" 1st game. It was fun for my sister to be there and to see them play too.

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