Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day in Monterey

We had decided the day before that we would go to Monterey on our last day. After waking up to a sunny day with no clouds we thought we might just stay in Carmel all day. But then figured we could enjoy the sunshine on Cannery Row just as much as in Carmel. So with much protest we said goodbye to the Sandpiper Inn and left for Monterey. We always go to Cannery Row with the girls so it was kind of odd being there by ourselves. We walked all through all the stores and did a little bit of shopping. We ate lunch at the Fish Hopper. We got seated right on the water's edge so we could see lots of activity in and around the water. The food was good and the entertainment from the sea otters, seals, and seagulls(the one in the pic. stole some food from a sea otter) was fun too. We had time to go to Ghiradellis to share a sundae and go by the candy store for some good old salt water taffy. Then it was off to Sacramento for the Green Day Concert. We wish our stay in Carmel/Monterey could have been longer, but we really enjoyed the time that we did have together.

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