Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ashlyn's 1st Soccer Win

Well today Grandma Smith was able to make it to Ashlyn's soccer game. This was the game to watch. Not only was this the game that she started as goalie, but it was the game that her team won. They have been playing their hearts out and needed a win to help boost their confidence. Most of her team has never even played before this season. Ashlyn does an excellent job as goalie and loves to play that position. She begs her Coach/Dad to let her play every time, but he is trying to play other girls in that position so they can learn to be a well rounded players. I was so into the game that I only took about three pictures of her. I didn't even video tape her. I will have to do better as the season goes on. I know Noah will be putting her in as goalie again, because she Rocked!

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