Monday, July 27, 2009

Sneak Peek

At 2pm today we had a sneak peek at the girls classrooms and a chance to meet the teachers they will have this year. This is the first sneak peek that we have ever gone to and it was great.
Autumn is going to be a big Kindergartner. It was great for her to see what classroom she has, what it looked like, and where her desk was. We meet her teacher and we think she is very nice. Autumn told me she loves her new class and new teacher. I hope she feels the same way tomorrow or even a few weeks from now.Ashlyn is a big 3rd grader and was super excited to see her classroom. She already knows her teacher from the previous year. She couldn't wait to see who was in her class this year and what she would be doing in the coming year. She told me she is all ready for school to start.

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