Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Day with Grandpa and Grandma

So on Friday I followed Noah's uncle and aunt from my home down to Bakersfield where my parents met me and the girls so that we could drive the rest of the way to San Diego. After getting there late on Friday my parents and I thought we would go and relax on the coast. We headed over to Oceanside only to find it packed with people. So we drove south along the coast to Carlsbad where we stopped at a park for lunch and play time. They girls had a good time. But the most fun came when they got to climb and play on grandma and grandpa. Grandpa had them walk on his back to get the kinks out. Then try it out on Grandma. I'm not sure that worked. The girls had such a great time they didn't even care to go to the beach. We just headed back to to my parents to swim in the pool.

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