Friday, June 19, 2009

Marty Dread Concert

Ever since we went to Hawaii, Noah and I have really gotten into Hawaiian and Reggae Music. One of our favorite musicians is Marty Dread. He is often called Hawaii’s Reggae Ambassador. Last year we caught a concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Maui staring Marty Dread. We really enjoyed his performance. So when we heard he was touring on the Mainland this summer we looked up his tour dates. He played in various places, but the concert we could make it to was in Sacramento. So last night we went to the Blue Lamp Lounge to see him perform. Marty Dread is really laid back he never starts his concerts on time, in fact he never even wears shoes just slippers(flip flops). He is mostly barefoot. He was supposed to perform at 10pm, but ended up starting at 11pm. Noah and I only made it through half the concert, because they were going to play until 2am. And as Noah says "We have to be responsible adults and go home already". It was an awesome concert. There was only about 40 people in the whole room. He danced through the crowd as he sang and even talked to us for a little bit. Noah bought a t-shirt and he signed it. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and will defiantly be going to see him again. We thought we would share one of our favorite songs with you off his greatest hits album called Pray For Them.

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