Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fireworks at the Lake

After a very busy day on Saturday we still made time to go see the fireworks at Cameron Park Lake. So after dinner we loaded up the family and headed to the Lake. It was 8:30pm and still 98 degrees. We were so sweaty and all gross after our walk from the parking lot we just sat and let the kids run around and be silly.The kids put on glow sticks, played with silly string, and enjoyed goodies. Once the fireworks show started, everyone settled down. The show was excellent as usual and lasted around 20min. It is the best show we have ever seen. What a great time we all had together.


Nana Laurie said...

You have the most photogenic children!

michelle said...

Hi Anissa! I'm sad we're going to just miss you I think. We fly out of SD on the 18th! It would have been great to catch up, but it's good to check your blog and see how cute your family is. Let me know if you get down here earlier, like Friday night we're not doing anything :).

Zwinggi Family said...

I missed it so much this year! We didn't get to see any fireworks and I missed seeing you at the lake. Totally bummed!