Saturday, April 4, 2009

Learning to Ride Bikes

Ashlyn has always done things in her own time. Well we have been wanting her to ride her bike without training wheels for a couple of years now. We know that she has the balance to do it. She is just so stubborn and wouldn't do it. So this afternoon Noah took the training wheels off and we took her to the high school parking lot to teach her. You should have seen her you would have thought that we were trying to pull all her teeth out. She was so upset with us. After she calmed down she tried to ride and kept getting better. Then she Did It! She rode across the entire lot and then exclaimed "All I had to do was Trust in myself!" It was getting late so we headed home. The next day she begged us to take her again. We took her out front for a little bit and she continued to gain more and more confidence. Everyday she asks if we can go bike riding. Noah and I are glad that she is doing so well. Now we need to get her to start on her own.

We also took Autumn. She did pretty good without her training wheels on too. Her problem is she just stops peddling. We decided she needs to be a little bit older, but know she will do it soon.


The Gylling Family said...

How exciting. The girls are so cute. I'm sure Autumn will get the hang of it soon. Keishaun learned how to ride a bike last month and now he's already trying to do tricks, lol. I hope things are going well for you.

Kathryn said...

socks with sandals noah? c'mon now! LOL!