Sunday, April 12, 2009

Early Easter Fun

Saturday morning we drove to Cameron Park to enjoy some Pre-Easter celebration with family. First we helped Noah's mom with some stuff around her yard and house. Then we went to Noah's sisters home and let the kids ride bikes, jump on the trampoline and play for awhile. At 3:00 we headed over to the elementary school for an Easter egg hunt that was being put on by one of the local churches. They started off the event by having a puppet show on the true meaning of Easter. Then it was time to turn the children loose in their designated age appropriate areas and hunt for those eggs. Aubrey was not sure about the whole egg hunt. She didn't want to have anything to do with it, but once grandma showed her what was inside her eggs she wanted more. And then she would pick one egg at a time opening it up and would proceed to eat whatever was inside. Needless to say she only got about 10 egss. Ashlyn and Autumn got a lot of eggs. There wasn't a lot of people and they hide 4,000 eggs so we pretty much we were set. In fact Autumn filled her bucket to the top and sat down in the grass even though there were eggs all around her. She said "I'm all done!" and that was that. I really loved her Rambo look too.Once we got back to Noah's sisters house we had our family Easter egg hunt. This is when we give to them a little Easter basket and they give to us one as well. It is always a real treat to do this, because we have a lot of fun hiding each others Easter bags and watching each other look for them. The rule is you must find your baskets first(they got one from Hunter Family and one from Grandma)then you can hunt for eggs. As the evening approached we had a lovely Pre-Easter dinner with all the fixins. We had Kylee our niece open up her birthday present a few days early. We had a wonderful time. Our girls did not want to go home as usually, but we wanted to be home for Easter and share with them why Easter is so important.

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Rachel Keyser said...

Autumn cracks me up. Love her headband.