Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines!

Well it has been a busy valentines with Ashlyn's baptism being on the same day we went out on Friday night with my parents. My brother Aaron watched our girls so that we could have a nice quiet evening out. We took my parents to Memo's Mexican Restaurant. It has become one of our favorite places. After a lovely evening of eating and visiting we headed home. This morning we opened up valentines from each other. Noah kept up his tradition of getting the girls matching outfits. He also gave a dozen roses not only to me, but my mom too. What a perfect gentlemen! It was fun to share this time with my family too.
Later on in the day we had more valentines fun in between Ashlyn's baptism with Noah's family. We had the kids make valentines bags to place all their valentines to each other in. It was a lot of fun and a Valentines that won't be forgotten.

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