Sunday, February 8, 2009

Are You Fluffy?

Autumn is always saying something funny or interesting.On Sunday her primary teacher Sister Peterson told me this story: Autumn was sitting on my lap in class. She looked up at my face and suddenly announced "Your face is fluffy!" Then she rubbed my arm and said "Your arm is fluffy." Then she said "You're fluffy! Are you a Grandma?" I thought, what a nice way to say I'm overweight. I thought what she said was so funny I have told my co-workers, my doctors, my physical therapist and my family. We all can't stop laughing.
"Oh dear", I told her teacher when she finished her story, "I am sorry she said that." Then she replied "I get such a kick out of her. She just said what she was thinking in the nicest way possible." "Well that's my Autumn." I told her "And life just wouldn't be the same with out her". Then we both started laughing.


Rachel Keyser said...

That's hilarious!

AmberLee said...

What a cute girl. Kids are so much better at explaining things than adults.

The Gylling Family said...

Autumn is just like Keishaun it's so funny.