Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Year in Review

We have been the traveling family this year going to Maui for two weeks, seeing the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, and visiting family in Colorado. We have camped in the redwoods (Gualala and Santa Cruz, CA), visited different zoos, and went to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. We celebrated 10 years of marriage and took advantage of alone time by going to Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco (not at the same time). We had an amazing time and did some cool things on all of these adventures. We have truly been blessed.

Noah celebrated 8 years working for Neil Anderson and Associates and was able to take his sabbatical. He took his 8 weeks of paid vacation in July and August. He got some much needed rest and play time. For the past 2 years he has been the 1st counselor in the Young Men’s Presidency at church and the advisor over the 14 & 15 year old boys. Noah enjoys being with his family, especially his three little girls, going places(like Maui), being outdoors snorkeling, and camping, playing his guitar, reading, watching BYU football, and playing guitar hero or rock band.

Anissa has been working really hard on keeping our family running smoothly. She takes our girls to school, to park days, to parties, to friends, and to other fun activities. She trades babysitting once a week so that she can help out in Ashlyn’s class. She is also the Art Docent for Ashlyn’s class teaching them art once a month. She attends all of Autumn’s preschool activities, and plays with Aubrey every chance she gets. Anissa is teaching the 11 year old girls in Primary and is still the Activity Day leader for the 8-11 year old girls in the ward. Anissa enjoys being a mom, scrapbooking, blogging, reading, camping, and snorkeling (in Maui).

Ashlyn is seven and is a 2nd grader. She has been having a great year so far. Her favorite subjects in school are math and art. Ashlyn started gymnastics again and loves it. She officially can swim by herself which came in handy while in Maui. She learned 2 styles of swimming. She likes to help cook, sing 80’s Singstar Karaoke, tend to the garden, and babysits her little sisters. Ashlyn is excited that she has learned how to climb across the monkey bars in the backyard. She is really growing up and maturing.

Autumn is four and attends the Busy Bee Pre-school three times a week with Miss Becky and Miss Susan. She loves preschool and has made some really good friends so far this year. She keeps her teachers entertained daily. She took swim lessons again and can hold her breath for 10 seconds underwater. Autumn likes to ride her bike, draw pictures, sculpt with playdough, play in the playroom, and is always loving and kind to everyone. If you ask her where she would like to be, she always wishes she was on Baby Beach in Lahaina, Maui.

Aubrey is two and is mommy’s little sidekick. She is fully potty trained, sleeps in a big girl bed, and is talking in full sentences (she says the dandiest things). Aubrey is the family clown and always finds a way to make you laugh. At church, Aubrey usually enjoys going to Nursery. She loves to wear necklaces (multiple at the same time), carry purses/backpacks full of toys, and color (on everything, including all the walls throughout the house……and herself).

We want to wish your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are extremely grateful for the love and friendship that you give to us. We send our love to you this Christmas Season!

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