Monday, January 19, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day!

Saturday was so Beautiful and so Warm that Noah and I thought, we need to take the girls outside and enjoy the day. We packed some drinks and food to go with a bucket of chicken that we picked up at KFC and headed to one of the many parks in our area for a picnic lunch.(hard to believe it's the middle of January) We had a great time playing and laughing with our girls. It provided so much needed down time. The best part was when we all started racing each other down the triple slide. Noah racing the girls is pretty good, but the three girls racing each other was fantastic.

After an hour of fun in the park we headed to Big Break Regional Trail for a little nature walk. We walked to the Delta Shoreline and observed the marsh land. There were boats off in the distance, people playing with their dogs, bike riders, marsh birds, and people fishing . What a great day.

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