Sunday, January 25, 2009

Digging for Dinosaurs!

For Christmas Grandma Smith bought Ashlyn a Dinosaur Excavation Kid Kit. So Saturday afternoon she sat with her glasses on and tools in hand ready to begin the dig. As she picked and brushed away at the mound she started to reveal the dinosaur bones. Ashlyn worked hard to dig up the dinosaur bones. Her sisters really enjoyed helping her dig out her dinosaur. Autumn loved helping her every chance she got.When she was done she carefully washed her dinosaur bones and her daddy helped her put it together to show what dinosaur she had uncovered. And...Ta-Da she has excavated a T-Rex. Way to go Ashlyn you could be a Paleontologist someday!

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The Patricks said...

Ashlyn looks like a "Rocket Scientist" in her glasses. I love it when max tries new things and impresses me. However it reminds me how fast he's growing up and makes me sad! Hopefully we'll see ya soon!