Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Date Night

One of our Goals for the New Year is to have a one on one date night with each of our girls once a month. Autumn gets to go out with her dad this month and Ashlyn gets to go our with me this month. Autumn was so excited when I told her that she said,"Tonight!" I told her it was fine with me, but she would have to wait till dad came home to ask him. Well she had decided it would be tonight and took a bath, got all dressed up(changing her clothes twice) and then brushed her hair. She combed and brushed it in the bathroom and kept coming in and out getting frustrated, because her hair was not doing what she wanted it to do. Then she sat at the table and began to tell me what her plans were for their date night. She said, "1st we will go eat Chinese food, then we will go to the movies, and then we will eat ice cream at Coldstone. It was so cute to see all her excitement. She even had her purse on her shoulder waiting for dad. They did not have enough time to do everything on her schedule, but they did go and see Marley and Me. They had a wonderful time together.

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