Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow Day!

When I asked Noah what he wanted to do for his birthday he replied "I would like to go to the snow and go sledding." So that is exactly what we did today. We went to Echo Summit one of our favorites places to go and play in the snow. It was a beautiful sunny morning and the kids had a great time climbing the snow hill and riding it down on tubes and sleds. Ashlyn, Davis, and Kylee ran off together doing their own thing. Noah and Autumn went down several times with my Brother-in-law Art and nephew Preston. Autumn loved it and hardly took a break until lunch and then ran back up the hill with me this time. Aubrey went down once with me and looked like a snowman when we were done. She didn't want to go again with mom, but was willing to try it with Dad. She still was not a big fan and went back to go eat her lunch. Later in the day the kids built a couple of snowmen and by the end had a snowball fight. our girls and their cousins against Noah it was great. The best part was watching what a kick Aubrey was getting out of hitting her Dad with snowballs. She was cracking up. We had a great time. We left around 4pm so that we could clean up and have Noah's party.

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