Friday, December 5, 2008


At Ashlyn's school they had a Posada. It is a time for you to walk from class to class and play games, walk the cake walk, take pictures with Santa, do crafts, eat food, and hit the pinata for some yummy candy. Sadly I forgot my camera so there will be no pictures of this memorable night.
The 1st activity we did was watch Autumn and Ashlyn hit the pinata for their age group. Autumn whacked that pinata really good. Several kids later it was busted and ready for them grab and bag the candy. Ashlyn had several kids go before her and when she stepped up to hit the pinata it was hanging by a thread. Ashlyn took one swing and the pinata came crashing to the ground. You should have seen the look on her face when it happened it was... priceless.We then went to do some other activities and visit with friends. The best part of the night was the cake walk. We were the last group to do the cake walk before closing. They just started calling everyone up to get a plate of goodies. They loaded each of my girls up with three plate fulls.

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