Saturday, December 13, 2008

Being in the Nativity

About a month ago my dear friend(the ward activity leader) Tina called me up to see if my little Autumn would like to be Mary for the Ward Christmas Party. I told her that Autumn would love it. Then she asked if Ashlyn would like to be one of the Shepard's. Again I told her that she would be honored.
So this afternoon we had a short run through of the Nativity Story with everyone in costume and on stage. My girls were hamming it up on stage. By the end they were pretty tired and being a little on the silly side during the last practice. Autumn held baby Jesus good for about a min. or so then kept dropping him on his head. I found out after practice Ashlyn was in a wiseman costume so we had to find a shepard outfit. I hope all will go well this evening.

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