Friday, December 19, 2008

Our 10 Year Anniversary

Today marks our 10 Anniversary. We can't believe that is has been 10 years already. What an adventurous 10 years it has been. When we look back it seems like just yesterday, but then we see all the things that we have been through and have accomplished . In our 10 years we have been together we have learned a thing or two about marriage.

Here are Ten things Noah and I have learned in our 10 years of life together:

1. Every chance you get take time to be alone with each other.

2. Say I Love You and give a Kiss as you leave the house every morning.

3. Twice a year go away just the two of you, even if it's in the same town and only for one night.

4. Singing "I am A Child of God" will calm your little ones and maybe even get them to sleep.

5. Never assume that your spouse is a mind reader.

6.You have to communicate with each other.

7. Fights will happen, but it's the way that you handle it that matters most.

8. Share your goals, dreams, and desires with each other.

9. Learn to laugh at your self and each other

10. Life is short enjoy every moment together.


The Gilbert's said...

happy anniversary! love the "old school" pictures! love your christmas card too! thanks! :)

The Cobabes said...

Happy Anni! We are going to be celebrating in January our ten year! Loved your Christmas card by the way. Cute girls.