Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our Veteran's Day

Yesterday, we drove over to my sister-in -law Rachel's and nephew Logan's home for a visit and to help her get ready for the arrival of my niece Kelsie. We spent most of the day at the Great Mall doing a little shopping and buying a few Christmas gifts. I bought some comfy gray fleece pants at the Gap Outlet and a long sleeve shirt for Aubrey's birthday that has"Chatter Box" printed on the front. I was able to find some cute matching dresses for my sister's upcoming wedding.(It's hard to find sizes that all match my girls). Rachel was able to buy a few things that she needed before she has her baby girl.
Noah had a job to do in Santa Cruz and was able to join us in the shopping fun towards the end of the day.(I was grateful for his help). We then all came back and hung out at Rachel's house for a couple hours. The girls played with Logan and enjoyed all the little "boy" toys. Noah & I helped Rachel with anything she felt that needed to be done before the baby comes. I am not sure we were that helpful with our three girls messing up every time we cleaned up.

After some yummy Papa Johns pizza, Ashlyn taught the Family Home Evening lesson on being Thankful. We had some Jello and "custard" pumpkin pie. (It was a Mrs. Smiths frozen pie that needed to cool for 2 hours before eating. It still tasted yummy)

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