Sunday, November 9, 2008

Memorizing the Articles of Faith

At the beginning of the year the Primary Presidency in our ward challenged all the children to learn and memorize the Articles of Faith. The children were told that if they pass off all 13 they would receive an Article of Faith pin. My girls were really excited and both learned the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ones. Ashlyn kept working each month to pass off at least one Article of Faith. Autumn tried too, but it has gotten hard for her.
At the beginning of the month Ashlyn only had three more left. I explained how if she worked hard she could still get a pin. Ashlyn learned the 11th and 12th one Sunday and the 13th another Sunday. One night, Noah and I found her asleep in her bed with our scriptures on the Articles of Faith page.
Ashlyn was given a pin today in Primary for all her hard work.She quoted the 9th Article of Faith as her favorite at church but, has many favorites.


The Hunter Family said...

Yeah Ashlyn! You go girl! Tristan almost has her 13 Article of Faith memorized...and she'll be 12 soon. You are amazing. Good Job!

Rachel Keyser said...

Ya, hopefully she can at least remember them until she is 8 and can pass them off for Achievement Days. :)