Saturday, November 1, 2008

Helping out with Proposition 8

Our family has been helping to get the word out in our community the importance of Proposition 8. We have sent out e-mails, made phone calls to registered voters, put up signs around town, placed a yes on 8 bumper sticker on our cars, two yes on 8 signs in our yard, and on Saturday morning, in the rain, we set out to put up door flyer's. These door flyer's were to let the people know to vote on Tuesday and it also gave them information on why they should vote yes on Proposition 8. We were assigned to an area that is about 15 min. or so away from us(out in the sticks). We only had one precinct to do, but we had no idea it would be such an adventure to accomplish. It was so spread out it took us over an hour to finish. The homes are spread out and hard to find. We found ourselves driving on a one lane levee road trying to find addresses. Some were on docks with the address displayed on the boat or a deserted lot with a trashed and empty trailer. We drove through a few trailer parks with one address that had a big rig parked in its place. Another address had a trailer that they made into a permanent house. They literally built a home using the trailer as the center of the home. A few driveways were gated or extremely long making it hard to place the flyer on the door. We just did the best we could do. It was an interesting experience. We only had a couple of people come out while we put up the flyer's. They were very nice and took the flyer without any remarks. We hope our efforts and those of you that have helped in anyway make a difference.


Kurt & Rachel Keyser said...

The house with the trailer in it is hilarious!

Bethany said...

Good job! What good examples you and Noah are to your girls! Go Prop8!

Brent and AmberLee's Family said...

Way to go, guys! We've been doing the same stuff but haven't found any houses that interesting. We're keeping our fingers crossed for tomorrow!

I LOVE your halloween pictures. The one on the side of your family is so cute!!