Monday, October 6, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

As it gets closer to our 10 Year Anniversary Noah and I decided we wanted to do an early celebration with all the holidays coming. As we looked online at places to go and thought about what to do we realized we have gone to a lot of places this year. Where else is there for us to go(that fits the budget)? About 10 years ago as Noah and I were heading from San Diego to Provo we stopped in Las Vegas for the day to walk the strip, eat at a buffet, and do a little shopping. We always thought it would be fun to go back some day and spend a couple of days in Vegas. We looked up air fare on this new smaller airline called Allegiant Air and found some great deals to Vegas. So we booked three nights and four days stay at the MGM Grand.
We flew out on Sunday evening and got into Las Vegas around 9:15. We took a free shuttle to the MGM Grand and checked in. The room was pretty nice. It was decorated with old black and white photos of movie stars and had a cool shaped couch. It was also close to the elevators(which we found to be convenient). It was almost 11pm when we went back out to eat dinner at the Rainforest Cafe located inside the MGM. After dinner we walked around the MGM and quickly discovered how big it is. There is so much to do at the MGM that we never had to leave if we didn't want to.

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