Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Costumes!

So this week was the week for my girls to decide what they wanted to be for Halloween. Ashlyn wanted to be Dracula, then Hannah Montana, then a Runaway Diva(whatever that is?) and so on. We went down all the costume isles at the store to find the right one. She finally decided on being a cheerleader, but I always have one rule it has to be modest(most big girl costumes are trashy). We found one that fit both requirements, a High School Musical EHS red and white cheerleader costume. Autumn wants to be a pirate, a witch, or a princess. Well she is in luck we have all three costumes already. She couldn't make up her mind so I told her to be all three at all the various party's we have coming up. Aubrey will be a Pumpkin Pooh Bear(her sisters were the same thing at 2yrs its become a tradition)but she did say a witch too(we have one her size). So with costumes picked out we can let the party's begin.

Tonight we went to Ashlyn's school for a Halloween Party and this is what they decided to dress up as.

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