Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Had a Bad Day

We all have had bad days, but two bad days? On Monday Aubrey was closing the shower door and slipped falling on her right side on the door jam. I wasn't to worried about it until I noticed how swollen, bruised, and red it was even after a couple of hours. I called the doctor and they suggested I bring her in just to be on the safe side. As I was getting her sisters shoes on in the other room I heard some screaming. It was Aubrey again I ran over to her, but didn't see anything immediately. Then I noticed her hand on her nose. There was something stuck in her nose. She put a bead up her nose and it got stuck. I tried to get it out myself, but couldn't get it. So when I showed up to the doctors office with my original problem I then had to explain the new problem with her. They looked at her side and said she would be fine and removed the bead from her nose. She had a bleeding sore nose for the rest of the evening.Then on Tuesday as I was running through my kitchen I slipped on some water and went crashing to the tile floor. I landed on my right side with my right hand taking the brunt of the fall(I haven't had a fall like this in a very long time). I was in so much pain every joint and muscles seemed to ache on that right side. My palm of my had bruised up immediately. My body hurt and I started bruising up in various spots. I took some Motrin and called it a day. I hope the next few days are better.

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