Sunday, September 14, 2008

Primary Luau Party

On Friday afternoon our ward primary held a luau party. The girls were very excited. I was too until I was asked(a few hours prior)to be the human face target for the water ball toss. I was a good sport about it and said yes.
So for 45 min.(it felt a lot longer) I stuck my face in a round cutout and waited for kids to throw four wet foam balls at my face. The balls being wet were not the problem. It was the force at which the wet balls came flying at my face. A few kids had no mercy, with a fast arm, and excellent aim. Even Ashlyn took advantage of the situation letting me have it eight successful times. Autumn refused to hit me. She walked over and to kiss me instead.While I listened to Hawaiian music and tried to put myself in a more peaceful place the girls did three rotations. They played a water relay, made grass skirts, and of course tried to hit me. When they were all done with this we watched one of the leaders and her mother perform a hula dance for us. Then they taught the children how to hula. At the end we all had popsicles and danced to music.

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