Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Autumn's Birthday Party

Autumn wanted a birthday party with friends this year(last year we opted for a family one instead). We decided on an outdoor swim/water party. I borrowed a couple of pools from my sister-in-law and set up our slip-in-slide, giant spray ball, and our two pools we own. Autumn decided on an Ariel themed party with yummy snacks and fun toys for the goodie bags. She invited her pre-school friends and her church friends to join in on the fun. Aunt Amber, Grandma Smith, and her Cousin Preston were able to be come celebrate with Autumn. Autumn and her friends had a wonderful time running from water toy to water toy. They also enjoyed the trampoline and swing set.Then it was time for the Happy Birthday song and blowing the four candles out. The kids loved the underwater cake with Ariel on top.
We ended by opening up her presents. She loved all of her presents, but especially loved her fisher-price digital camera and purple dress-up dress with matching dress for Barbie. What a great 4th birthday Autumn had!

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Amber Irene said...

Oh the Joys the cake had given us. But, it was yummy, which is why the ants wanted it so bad! Darn them ants! But it was fun watching the kids freak out over little wading pools! And Preston is SO cute, singing "Burnin' Up" lol