Friday, September 26, 2008

Autumn Prayes

Thursday morning while Ashlyn and Autumn were at school I was comforting Aubrey who has been fighting a stomach bug for a week now. After Pre-School Autumn walked in the door and went straight to the table and ate Aubrey's Pedialyte Popsicle. I was busy getting Aubrey comfortable on the couch when I saw her eat the last of it.
Our conversation then went like this... "What are you doing? Why did you eat your sisters Popsicle?" Her answer "because I wanted it" I replied "Well I can see that and now you are going to get the flu and be sick like Aubrey. You better go sit on the couch and PRAY that you don't get sick."
While I cleaned off the table of Aubrey's "sick food" I could hear Autumn saying something and looked over to see her with her head down and arms folded. A minute later Autumn said "OK mom I prayed so that I won't get sick like Aubrey." What a smart little girl.

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The Patricks said...

She's getting so big! Max says and does the darndest things these days too. It must be their age and the whole preschool thing. You'll have to keep us posted if she gets sick or not. I'll say a prayer too:)