Monday, July 14, 2008

Maui Day 13th and 14th

Another beautiful Sunday here in Maui and we slept in most of the morning. With our extra long day yesterday we all slept and slept. The girls woke up around 9:30 and the alarm was set for pm so needless to say we never made it to church. We had a restful day with little going on. Later we did take a drive. It is so beautiful to drive around, because you are right on the oceans edge. You can look out and see amazingly blue water and all that is going on in the water.
Monday July 14th we decided to take everyone to Honolua Bay for snorkeling and plying in the water. This is the same area where Noah and my brother-in-law Kurt went snorkeling and is said to be one of the best spots on Maui. Its not too far from where we are staying and you get to walk through vines, mango tress, lush grasses and plants on a path to the water. There was a lot of people, but once you are out in the water snorkeling you feel so small and insignificant compared to the vast ocean. Noah took me all over and we so saw many different variety of fish, eel, puffers, sea urchins, schools of fish and across the drop off which was so big, blue and amazing. After a break and to check on the girls and Noah's mom we went back out but to the right of the bay. We saw some larger fish on that side and more variety of fish and then we saw them 3 sea turtles. Two were swimming around together and then went down to eat. Then I saw the third one, about two feet from Noah, and it was extremely large(about half the size of him). That totally made our morning!
At 1pm or so we grabbed some lunch and then headed to the pool. After enjoying a little rain on us as we swam we came back to the condo to get cleaned up. Noah's mom was so generous and offered to watch the girts so Noah and I could get some alone time.

Noah made reservations for Mama's Fish House. Their menu changes everyday, because they buy fresh caught fish every morning. They even tell you which fish boat or fisherman and location the fish was caught. You know it is going to be a great experience when you drive up and there is only valet parking. Then you walk through a Banyan tree archway and gecko walkway and are greeted with an Aloha of a women in a floral Hawaiian dress. The grounds are beautiful and the waiting area is lovely also.As Noah and I were waiting to be seated he pointed out that the man being taken to be seated looked like Pat Sajak(the Wheel of Fortune Guy). I looked to my right and sure enough it looked just like him. We also flew on the same fight over to Maui with Disney's High School Musical Star Ashley Tisdale. (Later on we did notice that Pat Sajak and his family were sitting three tables over from us at dinner). So with in a few minutes we were seated on the outdoor covered patio complete with view of the ocean. The restaurant is decorated so nice and gives you a nice Hawaiian feel. We ordered a Polynesian beef served in a grilled mango which was excellent and really tender.

For dinner Noah ordered the a Coconut mahi mahi and Ono with kalua pork and a variety of fresh grilled fruit. I ordered the Crab stuffed Mahi Mahi with a Tristan Lobster on top fresh corn and asparagus and rice pilaf. The fish was cooked just right and my mahi mahi was so tender it was melting away on my fork. It was the best seafood meal I have ever eaten. We loved it and highly recommend it. It was an amazing dinner.

When we got back into Lahaina we walked around front street and stopped in Hard Rock Cafe for dessert. They were also setting up for a live local band to play. Marty Dread is one of the local favorites and has quickly become one of our favorite Hawaiian Reggae singers. We left before they finished setting up, but sat outside by the waters edge listening ocean waves and to a couple of his songs before heading home. It was a wonderful evening and one that I will remember. I was very grateful to have spent a few hours together and to enjoy one another's company.

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