Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fort Garland

My dad and mom thought it would be fun to take a family trip to Fort Garland. So we loaded up the vehicles and drove about 45 min. on the Old Hispanic Trail to the Fort Garland Museum. This fort served as protection for the early settlers in the San Luis Valley. Established in 1858 in southern Colorado, Fort Garland, was home to over 100 men that served to protect. We walked from adobe building to adobe building to see where Kit Carson, soldiers and buffalo soldiers once stayed. We were able to see many pictures and artifacts from the fort. They even had archaeologists on site digging to find more artifacts. It was pretty neat to see what they had just dug up.
Later in the evening we went to the Sanford Pioneer Day Pageant. They hold the pageant two nights in a row. The Pageant was a synopsis of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. My Grandpa was in the pageant playing the part of Samuel the Laminite and did a great job. He looked really cute with all of his make-up on.


The Patricks said...

Can I please borrow your tan?! You look amazing!gpbar

The Patricks said...

Sorry, the last part was part of the "word verification".