Saturday, July 19, 2008

Driving to Colorado

So we weren't going to leave for Colorado until Saturday, but we didn't want to keep cleaning up after the girls so we left yesterday afternoon. It was much later than we wanted to leave, but considering we are on Maui time still it works out great. The girls have been going to bed at 11pm which is 8pm Maui time and Noah and I keep going to bed a 2am which is 11pm Maui time. Then we sleep until noon which is 9am in Maui. We know leaving will help get us back on schedule.

The first day all we did was drive and drive for 9 hours to Kingman, Arizona. When we got there at midnight the girls were wired and at 2am we turned off the lights. Noah set the alarm for 6:30 am. That was harsh and we were all so tired when we woke up. We had a nice breakfast at the hotel and headed out on the open road for our first stop on the trip: the Grand Canyon.

We arrived at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon around 2pm after eating lunch at Wendy's. We parked at the Shrine of the Ages and took a free bus shuttle on the village loop to Canyon View Information Plaza. We walked around the plaza and the headed across the street to Mather Point. It was really windy but an amazing sight to see. We the walked along a small portion of the Grand Canyon to Yavapai Point and Observation Station. We stayed there awhile enjoying the displays inside the observation station. We took the bus back to where the car was parked and the drove Desert View Drive to see more interesting things.

We stopped at the Tusayan Indian Ruin and Museum to walk a short loop and see the displays in the museum. The girls enjoyed looking at the museum pictures and the way that the different Indian tribes lived. Our last stop on this road was Watch Tower. This structure was built to give the widest view of the Grand Canyon. It was really neat to walk through this tower and climb up to the top. The view was amazing. The girls thought this tower was Awesome!
We headed out of the Grand Canyon seeing some amazing rock structures(including elephants feet) and on to Cortez, Colorado for another adventurous day.

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